bruce lee: using no way as way

no formula: bruce lee's freedom fighting
we all get hurt. we get kicked in the ass. we fall down.

even bruce lee

sometimes it's best not to get up right away, but to understand what happened and what you are to learn from it... for bruce lee, that meant rest and expanding his mind. while recovering from a serious back injury, lee turned to buddha, alan watts, jiddu krishnamurthi and others for inspiration.

it was krishnamurthi's words that struck him: "you have to be a light to yourself".


bouncing back from his injury stronger than ever, lee adopted a new stance. rather than developing his superlative method, he rejected all methods, styles, or doctrines and instead approached his martial artistry with a boundless enthusiasm that encouraged a total freedom to act and react.

no way. no limitation.

the answer is to simply to know oneself, one's own gifts, weaknesses and power and to act in the present moment with total awareness.

in meditation, this concept is evident when you move away from focused or concentrative pursuits, such as intently focusing using a given technique: repeating a mantra, breathing in a certain way or focusing on one particular object to the exclusion of everything else. when you reject technique you loosen control and witness what arises in the present moment, attentively and inwardly. this letting go of control and witnessing is what we call mindfulness.

"using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation". 
                                                                     - bruce lee