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I always recommend practice over reading. Actual experience always beats thinking or reading about experience.

With that said, and in celebration of the publication of Insight, a revealing look into, and practical guide to, the most important aspects of spirituality, here are my recommended readings for you. These books have been written to specifically help point you in the direction of Truth, and are written by teachers with the highest degrees of integrity.

Spirituality Books

Insight, by Jess Peter Koffman

Is god real? What is karma? How does it work? Is there life after death? Outer space? Are there different realms? Where is the mind? How do we achieve happiness? What is true love? How should we meditate? Do souls exist? What should we do before we die? What is enlightenment? How can we get there?
For the first time, answers to these questions and many more are available in one practical guide. Insight provides much-needed answers to questions that have been asked since the dawn of time. A practical guide and must-read for all humankind.

Meditation and Mindfulness Books

A Meditator's Guide

To See the Truth (Now available on Amazon)

Buddhist Way to Peace of Mind

Waking Up America

All translated, compiled and edited by Jess Peter Koffman from original Thai Dhamma talks given by Luang Por Pramote Pamojjo.

Mindfulness Podcasts and Audiobooks 

Talks given by Luang Por Pramote Pamojjo on correct practice of mindfulness leading to Truth and real lasting happiness and peace. Translated and compiled by Jess Peter Koffman.

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