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Fascinated by healing, I've seen miracles take place from a young age. After being immobilized in hospital in a body cast for four years, I learned to walk. I knew the seeds of health and vitality lay deep within, and simply need to be nurtured to come alive for our optimal health.

This knowledge came forth again when I was advised against laser eye surgery for my -9.75 Rx. I knew there was another way. I researched my options and began to practise the Bates Method of natural vision improvement under the direction of my natural vision educator. Within 2 years, I dramatically improved my eyesight from -9.75 to -5.00, simply and naturally.

Over my 20 year career history in health, I've promoted medical science, technology and innovation with global health organizations, major hospitals, trauma centres and international NGOs. In my work and travels in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe, I've witnessed how modern and traditional medicine merge to profoundly affect health and well-being.

I began meditating at the age of seven, and today I make mindfulness part of my daily life. In my Reiki practice and teaching I've seen cancer healed, the side effects of chemotherapy vanish, physical pain subside, anxiety melt, and disorders that modern medicine can't fix, suddenly disappear. Certified as  a Reiki Master-Teacher in the Usui tradition and a Mindfulness Instructor with Bangkok Natural Healing Academy (now called The Institute of Applied Holistic Health Sciences in Thailand), Healing Life Organization and in the Theravada Buddhist School under Luang Poor Pramote Pamojjo and Jess Peter Koffman in Canada, Thailand and the USA, my goal is to help people learn to care for themselves and restore their optimal health.

I work closely with entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, parents, children and artists to reduce and manage stress, improve productivity, enhance communication via greater awaresness,  peace and wisdom. I offer Reiki treatment and training, as well as private, group and company-wide meditation and mindfulness coaching to people in Canada and many other countries around the world. My students are Reiki Masters in their own right, some are mindfulness instructors and colleagues as well; I invite all of my students into our community of talented and open-hearted healers and teachers.

If you want a taste, join my free, live monthly Online Meditation: OM Sunday Online Meditation - a global meditation on the 1st Sunday of each month that will help you move from weekend to work-week feeling strong and centred.
You can also join an upcoming Reiki Level One, Mindfulness, or Developing Psychic Awareness course, or book a private appointment for a Reiki Healing or an Akasic Soul Path Reading (just look at the menu to book).

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