making your full moon wish

make a wish and send it out...
image: double dandelions by dennis vebert
as far back as i can remember i'd duck and hide on the full moon. something odd would always seem to happen...

one time my car window was smashed in, parked right in front of my apartment window. for apparently no reason, nothing was stolen...

another time, someone dropped their phone on the sidewalk and when i went to pick it up my vintage dress suddenly ripped open all down the back...

even as a teenager, i nearly sliced my finger off in class once and while the instructor was talking to me i fainted standing up...

people would always say "full moon"... let's just say it got my attention. i'd cringe at it looming on the calendar. but recently i took some time to study the cycles of the moon and here's what i found.


for centuries, many calendars, festivals and events were set by the lunar cycle. farmers would plant and harvest based on the movements of the moon. the full moon is the brightest and most luminous part of the cycle because at that point the sun and moon are in opposition. this positioning across from each other on either side of planet earth elicits special behaviours...

animals become more active. ocean waves and tides get more violent. humans act up. paramedics know it. prison officers know it. emergency room staff know it. remember the riots in vancouver after they lost to boston? toronto's transformation from a clean, decent city to mass chaos during a the G20 summit? full moons. i wished governments knew it.  

if we are all energy, then we are all connected energetically. and if energy intensifies at the full moon, no wonder we experience intense emotions, express ourselves more intensely and encounter intense situations. we feel each other's energy more intensely. but this is not always a bad thing.

making the most of full moonery

if we think in terms of the intensity of a full moon, we can consciously choose to be at our intensely best at the full moon. we could be our most intensely inspirational. our most intensely influential. our most intensely genuine, our most intensely vital, intensely creative.

so instead of ducking for cover during the full moon, here's what i suggest.

  • take a moment. take a deep breath. step into your true integrity, your true self. 
  • create a vision of something simple you want. in other words, make a wish. a great one, for you and for everyone around you. 
  • breathe and meditate on it, filling it in with details. allow your vision to intensify and get energized. 
  • imagine the vision taking place now, in reality. allow yourself to feel it in every cell of your body.
  • release the vision after a few minutes allowing it to float out through the breath. release your ownership of it. 

now, instead of looking at the calendar and getting anxious, i feel more optimistic. i've even built a whole manifestation meditation program around the lunar cycle, with each position of the moon a reminder of the next step in the process, which culminates around the full moon.

so take a moment and create that vision for what you want in your life. may your full moon wishes come true.