reiki: use it or lose it (well... sort of)

i'm looking forward to hosting my april reiki share tonight... 

this is a monthly social and healing gathering where reiki healers interact and swap treatments. i give suggestions, answer questions and help healers feel the energy coming through, interpret how it wants to work and what that means for the specific healing situation.

why share reiki?

i was a bit of a 'reiki slut' when i first trained - i'd meet someone and next thing i knew i was giving them a treatment. i'd dart out of the office to give treatments every night. practising on strangers was great - i knew nothing about them so i didn't feel limited by shyness or fear of what they would think.

most healers don't do this. and so a big challenge after learning reiki is the lack of opportunity to practice on diverse people. without practice, it's hard to gain the self-confidence you need as a healer. this is where practical hands-on experience comes in, to move beyond self-doubt.

with practice, doubt dissipates. you start to feel more natural about identifying or interpreting blockages and warnings, developing bedside manner and communicating or relaying root causes of symptoms that are felt during a treatment.

amazingly, the more you practice and develop focus and intention, the more reiki is available to you. you become expert at grounding, protection, cleansing and intuition. it is subtle and yet powerful - it requires time to sense and identify what the energy means to each healer.

so developing your circle of reiki healers is important as we often need to discuss challenges, share approaches, practice and hone skills, and remind each other to practice.

as a teacher, it's an amazing opportunity to share in the development of students and help them break free of self-doubt and rigidity, as well as hone their sense of trust and intuition. 

and tonight...

my intention for tonight's coaching is to "pull out all the stops", which quite literally means to pull out all the limits, the barriers and stop signs pinning us down and to let go!!   or as we say in our circles... let the reiki flow.