Clearing Your Space

If the energy in your home or office feels "off", a clearing and blessing of your space can help you feel more at home and at ease, protect your environment from negative energies, help improve your functioning within the space and help your personal or professional relationships to feel more harmonious.

Is It Right for Me?

A Home or Office Clearing and Blessing is recommended when: 
  • You want to move into your new place fresh and dispel any old lingering energy from previous residents/ activities/ events,
  • There has been a death, suicide or another tragic loss in the home or vicinity,
  • There has been a crime committed in the home or vicinity,
  • There have been emotional challenges in your personal / family or work life and your space doesn't feel happy,
  • You often lose or misplace things in your home or office,
  • Areas of your space don't feel comfortable, or you don't feel like spending time in them,
  • People with whom you've had challenges with were in your space, 
  • There are unexplained smells, movement or activity in your space,
  • After multiple attempts, the home isn't selling, despite upgrades or other changes, 
  • You feel like you are being watched or feel a presence in your space, or
  • Your space "just doesn't feel right".

The Home or Office Clearing Visit

This is a special two-three hour visit that thoroughly inspects, analyzes and clears your personal or office space and includes the following: 
  • thorough inspection of each room in the home or office
  • identification of areas with suspicious or undesirable energy for clearing and energetic improvement
  • assisting energies, spirits or beings to transition elsewhere to a more peaceful state (helping them transcend / purify their hearts)
  • respectful smudging ceremony using white sage or cedar (dissipates within hours)
  • use of bells and sound to clear and brighten energy
  • song, dance, sound or chanting and movement to get stuck energy moving
  • identification of items or objects needing special attention, clearing, re-positioning or removing
  • energy improvement from a feng shui perspective to protect against energetic vulnerability or future issues
  • verbal report with assistants and client on what was identified, cleared and any recommendations moving forward (this may be recorded by client), and 
  • a special blessing and healing ceremony after the clearing with the client present for peace, protection & prosperity in the space and its residents. 
Residents may be present, and may at a certain point be asked to vacate a specific space for a short period of time while that space is being cleared. It's requested that there are no loud noises, construction or contract workers present during the clearing. Usually, a team of up to four assistants will accompany and aid with the clearing, depending on the space to be cleared.

Total time for the clearing and blessing is approximately two hours, but may increase depending on the size of the property and the amount of clearing required.

What People Are Saying

"Hi Salima, I wanted to thank you again for coming by last night. I feel lighter and so does the whole house! My daughter ate much after you left and slept through the night - two things that are unusual for her! Thank you again." - K.A., Toronto

"Words cannot describe how much I thank all of you. I am beyond joyful at what transpired. I am inspired and happy and more peaceful. I made a few more changes as per your advice, and with every change, my heart sings! Big hugs and much love!" 
- S. S., North Toronto


The fees depend on two things: the size and location of the home or office to be cleared.

Within 30 km of Postal Code M1E:

Up to 1,000 square feet........$250 plus taxes
1,001-2,000 square feet........$350 plus taxes
2,001-3,000 square feet........$450 plus taxes
3,001-4,000 square feet........$550 plus taxes

Square footage includes basement space or additional areas to be cleared on the property, such as a garage, and all areas will be addressed on the same visit. Fees may increase for larger spaces, corporate offices or locations beyond 30km of postal code M1E.

Booking Your Clearing and Blessing Visit

Please contact me to arrange a Home or Office Clearing and Blessing Visit. Remember to include:
  • Your name
  • Address
  • Size of the space to be cleared
  • Description of your needs 
  • Any questions
  • Your general availability
I usually reply within two days to answer any questions you have, and recommend a suitable time based on your availability and convenience.

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