Special Events

Metta Mondays with Jess Koffman

Two Powerful Meditations per evening on love and truth, with a break in between.

Dates: May 29 – July 31, 7:30pm – 9pm.
Cost: $120 for the series or $20 each (cash on arrival)
May 29: 662 Sheppard East. Media Room
June: Thornhill
July: North York TBA

Metta Mondays is now a 8 year tradition of guided group meditations lead by Jess in the interest of Love, Light, Peace and Truth. The powerful group energy of healers and experienced mediators provides a sacred space for healing and spiritual development. Beginners are most welcome and tend to develop and grow spiritually very quickly and spontaneously in this environment. The first meditation leans toward healing and relaxation while the second concentrates on penetrating wisdom.

Yin Yoga with Reiki Healing

Karen and Salima

Experience a gentle 90-Minute Yin Yoga Class infused with Reiki Healing with Yoga Instructor Karen Kofman of Thornhill Meditation and Reiki Master Salima Pirani.

While Karen guides you in Yin Yoga floor postures floor, bringing healing to the deep connective tissues of the hips and spine, Salima gives a Reiki healing to each participant. These two healing modalities accompanied by soothing music is a practice for the mind, body and spirit. These classes are small in size to ensure the maximum time for individual attention and energy work.


The classes are held in Karen's private studio north of Toronto in Thornhill, near Bathurst and Centre Street. Address information is given upon registration.

Dates & Registration

The 23 May & 14 June 2017 evening classes are full.
The next evening class is 13 July from 7-9pm. Please contact Karen to join.

Keep in the Loop! 

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