Special Events

Due to Covid-19, All Special Events are on hold. See past events below...

Seven Days of Guided Meditation 2020 
Insight Timer

Starting with a bonus instruction on New Year's Eve, you can listen, learn and practice the fundamentals of mindfulness, meditation, loving kindness (metta) for yourself and others, cleanse your energy field, bring mindful awareness to your body, learn to relax and practice natural vision improvement and get a head start on mindfulness.

Date: bonus track starts on 31 December with new tracks added every day until 7 January
Location: Insight Timer
Cost: Free
No Registration Needed! Your feedback, however, is greatly appreciated.

Pure Life Costa Rica Retreat 2020 

Relish in 6 days / 5 nights of self-nourishment, self-love & self-care to reset & invigorate your well-being


  • Nourishing your body with fresh, organic food and tropical delights
  • Partaking in yoga, healing & wellness workshops & meditation practices in Mystica’s Jungle Yoga Sanctuary
  • Relaxing into the healing waters of the stunning EcoTermales Hot Springs
  • Awakening your senses with a refreshing jungle hike & day visit to the magnificent Viento Fresco Waterfalls
  • Developing a daily rhythm of powerful healing habits & practices, to purify your body, mind & heart
  • Experiencing the healing effects of resting in nature in one of Mystica’s jungle hammocks
  • Unwinding with walking meditations in Mystica’s Meditation Labyrinth
  • Adopting yoga and healing practices that you can continue at home
  • Discovering daily wellness practices to experience deep release & welcome profound healing
  • Cooling off in Mystica’s stunning stone Waterfall Dipping Pool
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THIS RETREAT IS FULL WITH A WAITLIST. Please e-mail me to be placed on the wait list.

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