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Imagine being able to dispel headaches and insomnia or overcome depression, high stress, pain, heart disease or cancer, fully recovering and feeling healthy again simply and naturally?

With Reiki, you can. Reiki is effective for a wide range of health issues as it promotes overall balance and stimulates your natural ability to heal so you feel and function better.

Internationally recognized as a complementary and alternative medicine, Reiki is a safe, natural and restorative healing practice that is increasingly being used in hospitals to help reduce side effects of chemotherapy and other therapies. It supports any natural wellness regimen or medical treatment prescribed by your health care professional. Physicians in Taiwan have conducted innovative research using 3D-MRA to discover that Reiki elicits up to 15% organ detoxification during treatment. 

I was Skeptical too... But the tumors disappeared

One of the most remarkable cases is a man who had stage four cancer. After receiving maximum chemotherapy, doctors gave up. He had six months to live. I and three other Reiki healers treated him over six months. Miraculously, within four months, scans showed his tumours stop growing, then begin shrinking, eventually vanishing completely. His doctors were speechless. Six months later he was renewing marriage vows with his wife. 

But I just feel stressed... Can Reiki help me? 

Absolutely. Here are some benefits you can feel with just one Reiki treatment:
  • Achieve higher levels of vitality and freshness 
  • Experience better and deeper sleep 
  • Lower stress levels 
  • Reduce aches and pains 
  • Reduce side effects of any medications or medical therapies 
  • Experience more peace and joy 
  • Increase intuitive skills
  • Release negative vibrations and energies
  • Balance energy centres (chakras)
  • Understand and loosen old patterns and habits, stuck emotional pain
  • Detoxify organs 

How it works 

Treatments can be deeply transformational and deeply relaxing. You will likely feel something during a treatment, even when it's a long distance treatment, or if you don't believe that you are sensitive. Many people see visions or feel sensations in their body during treatment. Treatments can be very active and life-changing or may be profoundly relaxing and induce deep rest to help you access a level of healing that is not possible while awake. The organs of the body can undergo a detoxification of up to 15%.

During a treatment 

On your first visit, you will fill out a short form before lying down fully clothed in a relaxed position. Each bespoke Reiki session is unique, focusing on what's needed at the time,  allowing what's blocked to surface for release and introducing a high frequency of healing to re-energize the body, mind and heart. I use light touch, or no touch, depending on your preference, over ten positions including the head, throat, chest, abdomen, pelvis, knees and feet. I incorporate intuitive sense, sound, movement or guided release of a painful or emotional issue for your optimal healing. If you would like to address an issue or ask a question about an issue, we will do it prior to, or during your session rather than afterward so that it can be answered helpedand you can be helped best while the Reiki energy is strongest. To prepare for your session, please wear comfortable clothing and remove jewelry and metals. Reiki can elicit a system detox or flush so please keep hydrated with plenty of water after your treatment.

In a Distance Treatment, at your appointment time, please find a quiet, private place to rest. I can perform your treatment by phone, or remotely, if you prefer to sleep, for example. In this case I'll e-mail you a confidential Reiki Report following our session.


Reiki Treatment (east Toronto)

Reiki for Kids! Many of my clients start bringing their children and teenagers to me for Reiki - and kids love it! Reiki is gentle and I spend time before  the session getting to know your child and oestablishing a rapport with her or him for appropriatethe most comfortable, fun and helpful treatment possible. I welcome children of all ages, energy levels and temperments. Rates are the same as for adults. Read more about Reiki for Kids!
Reiki By Distance Treatment by phone (Canada) / Skype (outside Canada) or receive an emailed Reiki Report if not on a call
Home or Office Clearing & Blessing (within the Greater Toronto Area)
  • Clear your home or office of negative and unwanted energy. During this session I assess your space, identify areas and objects of contamination, purify spaces and objects, improve the feel and flow of energy, recommend better arrangement for optimal energy flow and provide a protective and harmonizing prosperity blessing for your space and the people who live and work there. Please visit this page for more details and to book a Home or Office Clearing and Blessing.
Learn to Self-Heal and Heal Others Simply and Effectively

What People are Saying

"I have had many registered massage therapists in the past, but I decided to get a Reiki treatment from Salima and I felt more relaxed and rejuvenated after my Reiki tretament than any massage I probably ever had. The detailed discussion afterwards of her findings were interesting and helpful. Her personal attention and customer service skills are outstanding. She is a pleasure to talk to and do business with. She's also become a very good friend now and I have become her student as well. Thank you Salima! I recommend everyone try receiving a Reiki treatment at least once."
   - Daniel Gauthier, Computer Technology Expert, Author, Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is now covered by extended health care insurance plans

There are health insurance companies within Canada who offer Reiki as a paid benefit in their Extended Health Care package. Please check with your Heath Insurance Benefit Provider to see if Reiki is covered in your extended health care plan. You might direct them to The Public Health Agency of Canada which recognizes Reiki as one of the Alternative and Complimentary Therapies utilized by Canadians.

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Once you register, I will contact you within 48 hours to set up our appointment according to your timing preference. Book your Reiki Healing Session now, or take a simple 2-day course to learn to self-heal and share healing with others through Reiki. If you wish to have me perform an Energy Space Clearing and Blessing for your Home or Office location, please contact me.
All appointments end on time. To get the most out of your appointment, please arrive on time

Emergency appointments may not be possible. The next available appointment is generally 2-3 weeks from today.


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