Developing Psychic Awareness

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Developing Psychic Awareness: 23-28 July 2024
Psychic Refresher: 3-4 May 2024 

Are you sensitive to people's energy or feel anxious around people? Do you sense things and can't explain why? Do you sometimes get instincts about things and wonder if they are correct? Would you like to protect your energy and harness your instincts and heightened sensitivity in productive and beneficial ways

You can.

We all have untapped psychic ability. There are ways to shed thousands of years of suppression and negative conditioning and unlock the inherent psychic abilities that are your birthright. This is the only course of its kind and it will help you do exactly this.

You'll learn to enter — and exit — higher states of consciousness (at will, when you want to) and train your mind to simply, quickly and accurately accomplish many psychic tasks, including:
  • psychic and energetic protection
  • entering and exiting conscious states
  • sharpening senses for accuracy
  • astral travel
  • time travel
  • grounding
  • remote viewing
  • psychic health assessments 
  • psychic healing
  • goal setting
  • communication with helpful guides 
  • communication with deceased persons (mediumship)
  • retrieving information of high integrity and communicating findings, and much more.
The first part of this course gently unblocks internal barriers that limit your psychic senses. Gradually, with each successive session, the course opens pathways for you to learn processes by which you can perform simple to advanced psychic tasks. All of this happens in a series of ten- to thirty-minute guided meditations, that help you relax and access parts of your higher mind. You'll access information and knowledge simply, without the use of, or need for books, tools, instruments or equipment outside your own senses, body and mind.  

Online Course Requirements

No previous experience, skill or training necessary! 

If you can follow simple instructions given in English, you can take -- and succeed at -- this course! There are some preparatory things you'll need for this course. Please view the Online Developing Psychic Awareness Course requirements and confidentiality agreement here (PDF) and contact me if you have any questions or to set up dates. The fees and registration information is below.

What People are Saying
Tap into and harness your natural psychic ability

"The Psychic Course is a great tool for anyone who is interested in learning about what is not immediately in front of them. It broadens your mind and opens you up to a great source of intelligence that resides within you and is waiting for you to discover. Salima facilitates this opening well. She is easy to talk to about the changes you will experience and the discoveries you will make. This course has enriched my practice and continues through my daily life to show me new and delightful blessings. I highly recommend it."
- Paula Richie, yoga instructor

"Expansion, connection, support, and love are just some of the words I could use to describe the unexplainable. My experience of taking the psychic course was incredible. This course is like no other. I instantly felt shifts around and within me during the course and after. Salima and Jess offered a very comfortable and peaceful environment for me. Their very supportive teaching method allowed me to feel safe to surrender to all that I was learning and sensing. I would highly recommend this course to all who wish to discover their source power within. We all have what it takes!"

- N.H.

Next Course Dates: 
23-28 July 2024

This is an intensive course. The whole course must be attended fully during course times to harness the skills taught. The training takes place over consecutive days with at least one hour break between each of the 30 sessions, during which you can do as you please. During our sessions, a quiet, enclosed room and stable internet connection are required.

Attendance at each session on consecutive dates is mandatory.

Please contact me to inquire about availability or to register

All start times are firm and in Eastern Time. End times each day are approximate
All sessions must be attended to harness capacities taught in the course. Various number of sessions per day. 1-hour long breaks (break between each session - see PDF above for details)

Course Location 

This course offered online via Zoom. To join, you will need to be seated comfortably in a quiet enclosed space with no distractions or interruptions, a secure internet connection, and the latest version of Zoom (plus prior knowledge of how to use it).

Course Fees & Registration

Please contact me to inquire about space in the course.

The course fees are $888+hst=$1,003.44 per student.
To hold your spot in the course, please send your deposit of $350+hst=$395.50. 
The balance of $538+hst=$607.94 is due before the first day of your course.

This is an intensive course. Each session must be fully attended (the whole course) during listed course times to harness the skills taught

STEP 1: Payment by Interac Transfer
To use Interac E-Transfer, please go to your banking website or Mobile Banking App, choose the "Interac Transfer" or "Transfer Funds" option. Enter the amount inclusive of taxes ($888 + hst = $1,003.44 for the full course, or $395.50 for the deposit only or $538 + hst = $607.94 for the balance only). The recipient is "Salima Pirani" and the e-mail address is salima @ (no spaces).  If you need assistance, please contact me. 

STEP 2: Complete Registration Form & Confidentiality Agreement 
Please complete and return this form to me by email, at this email address: salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces). Please be sure to include your back-up phone number prior to the start of the course. 

Can't Make the Above Dates? 

Upcoming course dates are set jointly with interested students. The course may run in with any number of sessions per day (minimum two sessions daily, or up to eight sessions per day), totaling 30 sessions, provided they're held on consecutive dates. 

Please contact me to discuss or to inquire about future course dates.

Tuesday 5:30/6pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 5:30/6pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 5:30/6pm - 9:30pm
Friday to Sunday 10am - 6:30pm*
*All times in Eastern Time. End times are approximate - six consecutive dates

Monday - Friday  10am - 6:30pm*
*All times in Eastern Time. End times are approximate - five consecutive dates

Want to be Notified as Next Course Dates are Announced?

This course is only offered a few times per year. If you'd like me to send you upcoming Psychic Course dates, please leave your information and I will send you course dates as they are announced, or contact me and I will ensure you get notified next time this course is offered.

* indicates required

2-Day Online Psychic Refresher Course

If you have taken the Psychic Course and would like a tune up, the Psychic Refresher will get us back into our workshop, tune up our inner senses and sharpen our tools and techniques. If some of the skills you learned in the course are fading or if you'd like a big boost, this is the place to do it!

Open to students who have previously taken the full course with Salima Pirani or Jess Koffman, to take your skills further or refresh areas that need a boost.

Next Refresher Course Dates to be Announced

The Psychic Refresher is held over two consecutive dates, about 4 hours each day, with short breaks between sessions (no long breaks).

Timing: Thursday & Friday, 5:30pm - 9:30pm ET 
Location: Zoom (quiet location and secure internet connection required)
To Register: Please send $150 + hst = $156.50 by Interac Transfer to salima @ (no spaces) and include a note: "Psychic Refresher".
Pre-requisite: Developing Psychic Awareness Course.

Register Now for the Refresher

To claim your spot, please register with an Interac Transfer of $150 + hst = $156.50 to salima @ (no spaces). A password is not necessary. Include the words "Psychic Refresher" as a note with your transfer. If you need assistance, please contact me.

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