Reiki Healing During a Pandemic (COVID-19)

If you're a Reiki Healer, please stop giving Reiki immediately.

I never thought I'd say that, but I said it. Let me explain.

As I write this, people all over the world are getting sick but don't know it. There are germs flying about, landing and lingering on all kinds of surfaces -- and staying active for longer than we think.

Public health experts all over the world are telling us to stay home, wash our hands, keep a safe distance from others if we absolutely must go out and physically distance ourselves -- avoid all physical contact. So, I'm telling all my students (and all hands-on-healers of all kinds) to stop giving Reiki or other healing sessions in person. Teachers: stop giving attunements.  For now. It's a disheartening message, but the good news is that we don't need to get stuck or feel useless. There's a lot we can still do. Read on!

Infusing Reiki

Even at Level One, before we've learned distance healing, we have a remarkable capacity for healing. The first step is always to practice self-healing with Reiki. If you're physically distancing (I don't like to call it "socially distancing" because you can still be social, just not in person), chances are you've freed up a bit of time spent commuting and running around (a lot of which seems unnecessary now, doesn't it?). Use this time to commit or re-commit to a daily self-healing practice. If you haven't practiced in a while, get your manual out and start again. Make sure your hands are freshly washed before you start. If you still can't find an hour a day, do less than an hour. Some Reiki is better than no Reiki.

I won't lie: A full or longer session is better than a shorter session because you attend to all areas and work through congestion and blockages. Imagine how you'd feel after a half hour massage versus a one-hour massage? Exactly. While you're giving yourself Reiki you may find that worries, fears, anxieties, your concern or compulsion to fix things or save others or your own feelings of helplessness when you can't help them, magically soften. Put on a little light healing music and allow yourself to feel the healing as you go. Allow it to be an exploration rather than a fixing session.

Then, once your self-healing is done, your energy field and your aura are charged up! You're filled with light. Give yourself some time then to practice any of the following:
  • prayers
  • phone calls
  • offering of words of support
  • laughter
  • crying and allowing others to cry
  • making good on promises
  • check-ins with others
  • manifesting visualizations (see the outcome or reality you want)
  • go into your psychic workshop (if you've taken that course)
  • sending love and light
All of these will be infused with Reiki already because you've just come from giving yourself Reiki! When I first learned Level One, I'd wake up with my hands buzzing and felt that the Reiki energy was being wasted if I didn't immediately give myself a healing. In hindsight I know it was part of my path to practice and I noticed that from the moment I began my daily self-practice, my whole life was filled with awareness, attentiveness, signs, miracles and spontaneous doors opening for me.

Distance Reiki

For those who are at Reiki Level Two, you've learned some very valuable and magical skills. In addition to learning how to become sensitive to emotions and facilitate emotional releases and healing, you've also learned how to use the technology of symbols. These are very powerful tools. They give you the ability to open up a portal to transmit healing beyond space and time.

Amazing, right?

Are you nervous? You've already done it. You had practice during your course and after your very fist distance healing in our course, you shared what you sensed and what you felt was being worked on. That's all you need to share. You just need to practice doing it. Communicating what we sense is even more important now. Here are the ways in which this is achieved, from the most impactful, to the least:

The most powerful is face to face practice and communication, but we can't do that right now.

The second most powerful way to practice and communicate is over the phone (or a video call, with Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, Zoom, or others). This means a live Reiki session in real time while the recipient on the other end of the call is lying down and receiving the distance Reiki. So while they don't see you, they do hear you. During the session, you can share with them what you sense, facilitate an emotional release and healing, practise sound healing and /or play healing music.

The image above shows the next best way is a hand-written letter. Quaint, but not happening.

Finally, you can email (or at the least, text) a written report with notes after the session is complete. I do this sometimes. When I do, my notes are extensive because I'm typing in real time (with one finger on my phone) as I do the distance healing.

Any of these forms of communication will be immensely helpful to the recipient.

But you might be nervous.

"What if I misinterpret something I feel?". Yes, you might. And it's okay. Reiki healing is perfect and works on what's needed at the time. We may not know what that is. The person receiving the healing for a skin condition may get a distance healing from you and sleep better than they had in months because their anxiety was eased. So if you give Reiki by distance and feel anxiety instead of a skin condition that's okay. That skin condition may improve given the benefits of better rest or after a few distance Reiki healings.

"What if there's an awkward silence on the phone?". We really have trouble with silence, don't we? One thing I hope COVID-19 helps us with is overcoming boredom. When you're giving Reiki, let yourself and the other person be bored. Rest and let them rest. Trust the Reiki and let the recipient trust you. Let it be quiet and sense what you sense. Let them be quiet and see if they can sense anything happening. They just might.

If you feel you need to check in and see if they're "still there", you can gently ask, "If you need anything or have questions, just ask, okay?", and that will give them a chance to let you know if they do.

Play a little light healing music in the background, just as you would if they were with you. Nothing dramatic or emotionally tugging. No violins! Chances are, if they've had Reiki with you before, they'll feel immediately more relaxed hearing the familiar healing sounds in the background and feel at ease knowing that you're with them throughout the call. 

I do a lot of healing work over the phone and can share with you that as awkward as it might be for you your first few times, it's more awkward for them. You might have practice doing this several times, but for them, they may be going out on a limb and this may be their first time. Just remember that Reiki can do no harm. The intent is always pure and healing, so you're safe and so is the recipient.

If all else fails, contact your teacher. At their heart, a Reiki Master/Teacher is bound and responsible to their students. Just like a parent to a child, a spiritual healing teacher is responsible to their students for as long as the student has something to learn from them. So practice and explore, but if something isn't making sense, get in touch. Keep up your practice.

Remember you have a very magical gift and we all need as much light as we can get right now!