Reiki Students

If you have studied Siam Reiki with me at any level, you enjoy several benefits!

Siam Reiki Student Benefits:

  • Ongoing opportunities for learning and practice
  • Email access to your instructor for questions and help
  • Reiki treatments by your instructor at a special rate
  • Invitations to receive free Reiki treatments by other students in courses
  • Invitations to monthly Reiki Shares with other students
  • Invitations to free gatherings and events including mindful gatherings
  • Opportunities to be matched with nearby Reiki Buddies to swap treatments with
  • Access to a community of top-notch healers and friends.

Monthly Reiki Shares

salima@salimapirani.comThese gatherings are great opportunities for Siam Reiki Students of all levels who have learned with me to gain experience in a comfortable and safe setting with others. We begin with a short meditation and energy building, partner up and swap Reiki treatments and have a short discussion or sharing period afterward. I offer a blessing to the group as well as provide real time coaching and assistance during the Reiki treatments. Students come away with practical experience, deeper understanding, clearer sensing and greater confidence.

My primary focus as an instructor is helping my own students. These Reiki Shares are for current students only. If you are a student of Reiki elsewhere, please ask your current instructor about her or his Reiki Shares or practice events. If they don't currently offer these, you may want to encourage them to do so.

Who Qualifies for Siam Reiki Student Rates?

Student rates are available if you:

  • Are a current student of mine in Siam Reiki,
  • Want a Reiki treatment at my location or by distance

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Not Yet a Student? Want to Learn Reiki?

If you wish to learn Reiki for your self care and to help others, please check for the next 2-Day Reiki Level One Course in Toronto. I also accept students who have studied elsewhere and would like to practise deepen their Reiki learning and practice. Please contact me for an assessment.