Metta At-Home Program

Practice Metta At-Home
14 Days of Loving Kindness

You can now order the 2023 Metta At-Home Experience featuring:
- Each of the 15-Minute Guided Metta Instruction and Meditations recorded over 14 Days
- A Handy Metta Practice Calendar
- Booklet with Inspirational Readings on Metta with the 11 Benefits, the Metta Sutta, and more 
- A Curated Metta-spired Songlist of Heart-Opening Music

Each recording brings a unique approach to practising metta. Each includes instruction and guided practice, featuring affirming mantras, intentions, visualizations or heart-opening music. Practice to welcome in and to radiate boundless light in all directions. 

The Metta At-Home Practice Experience - With All 14 Days of Guided Practice is Just $77 CAD + HST (that's just $5.50 for each of the 14 days, plus all of the above!).

What People Are Saying

"There's something special about waking up to spiritual radiance, even for 15 minutes at a time. And, it makes a difference. Thank you so much!"
- Frank Swithers, USA

"It is so wonderful to hear your peaceful, Metta-filled voice each morning. The best way to start the day. So grateful. Thank you."
- Jennifer Gerson, Canada

"Thank you for sharing your gifts. The 14-day Metta Marathon was brilliant. I felt so uplifted each and every day. Two friends joined - both were equally uplifted by you and the meditations. With mindfulness and Metta as my tools, I’m traveling with faith. Thank you deeply for your part in the wonderful start to 2023 - for me and for everyone."
- Maureen Richards, Toronto

"I'm joining your Metta in the mornings. What strikes me is just how much we're all connected. The feeling of oneness is so present. You sent Metta regarding safety, feeling worthy and being enough, and I can't begin to tell you just how much these words resonated with me. I am so grateful. Thank you for being in my life."
- Michal Ziskind, Thornhill

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