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Reiki Level I is offered once a month,
Reiki Level II about six times a year,
Reiki Level III or IV on a case-by case basis.
Reiki Level I: 10-11 August
Reiki Level II: Please contact for August 
Reiki Levels III or IV Apprenticeships: Underway now for late Summer 2024 Please contact
Crystal Healing or Pendulum: Please contact
See below for all course pre-requisites. 

Want to take your health & well being into your own hands?

These courses are so easy, all you have to do is register and show up, in person!

Safe Reiki & Healing Courses include all infection prevention measures (screening, using healthcare-standard PPE including masks and face shields, practising healthy distancing, increased hand washing, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, using modified Reiki hand positions and all other precautions). 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want more energy and time for the people and things you love the most? Do you have a health condition that's dragging you down? Or do you suffer from anxiety or feel stuck in your life in some way? Simply put...

Would you like to feel better? 

We all would. What if you could simply and naturally relieve stress, anxiety, release headaches, pains, muscle tension; sleep easier and look and feel fresher?

You can. One simple tool can help you feel better and can help you help others too. Reiki is a natural, holistic and powerful force that anyone can use for better health.   
Learn to heal yourself and others

While anyone can receive a Reiki Treatment, the ability to harness and practice Reiki to receive healing for yourself and channel healing energy to share it with others comes through the attunement process in a course with a qualified Reiki Master Teacher. 

It all starts with you. With Reiki you have: 

  • More vitality and freshness
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Lower stress levels
  • Less aches, pains and illness
  • Reduced side effects of medications or therapies
  • More peace and joy
  • Increased intuitive skills and energy sensitivity
  • Up to 15% organ detoxification
  • The ability to help others receive all of these benefits too!

Learning Reiki is highly recommended for you if you have a stressful, active lifestyle and want a natural way of re-balancing and restoring energy and harnessing good health. It's fantastic for you if you're a parent, caregiver or professional, as it provides you with the ability to quickly self-heal, regain balance and energy so you can live with presence, vitality and freshness. 

And once you have been properly attuned to Reiki, by a Reiki Master Teacher, it's yours to harness for life!

Your Reiki Instructor: Salima Pirani,
Siam Reiki Master Teacher
Executive Mindfulness Meditation Coach

Here's What You'll Learn
  • Reiki Level One is easy to learn and to use; the 2-day course is fun and interesting with no writing or memorizing necessary, and benefits begin immediately. You start harnessing pure Reiki energy for yourself and loved ones right away, with noticeable results. You learn the Reiki Precepts, the history of Master Usui and Reiki, how it works, the science and the spirituality, the benefits, sensing energy in the auras, learning to work with the aura and energy centers of the body, practising Reiki for yourself, channeling Reiki energy for others, addressing special cases, safety, and spot healing. You receive four powerful individual Reiki Level One attunements - the Gold Standard of Reiki Training, practice a self-healing and two full treatments while receiving guidance and personal coaching from your instructor in a small group setting. The entire course is focused solely on Reiki training, with no fillers, guided meditations or fluff -- just the real stuff.
    Pre-requisites: You must be at least 13 years of age, not more than 3 months pregnant, and not hospitalized.  Please avoid all forms of intoxicants (legal or otherwise) from one day prior until the end of your course. If you have ever terminated a pregnancy, you will require a Reiki treatment from me prior to the course. Please contact me
    to set this up. Course Length: 2 days, within a week (usually 10am-5pm on both days; inquire about timing prior to registering)
  • Reiki Level Two is a major step up from Reiki Level One and requires practice and time following Reiki Level One. You'll learn to write, recite and apply the three Reiki Level Two symbols, send distance Reiki healing to individuals, groups and for a variety of other applications, and you'll learn the best way to sense emotional issues and help someone release and heal from emotional blockages, traumas or pain. This is not taught anywhere else. You'll receive four powerful Reiki Level Two attunements in this course, practice distance healing and give two full in-person Level Two treatments focused on emotional clearing while receiving guidance and personal coaching from your instructor in a small group setting.
    Pre-requisites: You must complete Reiki Level One at least 2 months prior, practice a minimum of 10 treatments on others following the Reiki Level One Course, practice self-healing and attend at least one Reiki Share with your instructor for an assessment within 3 months prior to this course. Please avoid all forms of intoxicants (legal or otherwise) and non-prescription meds from one day prior until the end of your course. If you haven't studied with me before you'll need an assessment and if you've ever terminated a pregnancy, you will require a Reiki treatment from me prior to the course. Please contact me to set this up
    Course Length: 2 days, within a week (usually 10am-5pm on both days; please contact to confirm times prior to registering)
  • Reiki Level Three (Master's Level) is the beginning of your Mastery of Reiki and gives you the opportunity to open a proper Reiki practice. In this course, you'll learn how to write, recite and apply the Master Symbol and understand its power and meaning, and you will learn to sense and address spiritual blockages and harness greater psychic healing ability. Spiritual blockages include releasing past life traumas, cutting etheric cords, receiving and conveying messages from the highest of good and working more closely with your guidance. You will receive four powerful Reiki Master attunements in this course and  practice in a variety of contexts, while receiving guidance and personal coaching. I also provide key business on-ramping coaching and support and refer clients to you as appropriate. Once you complete Reiki Level Three you will have the required skills and experience to formally offer Reiki to clients under the Siam Usui Reiki Standards.
    Pre-requisites: Must be 18 years of age or older. You must demonstrate that you have the heart for Reiki. You must complete Reiki Level Two at the very least 6 months prior, give a minimum of 30 In-Person Treatments on others focused on emotional clearing, with improvements (healing "miracles") seen in the recipients, have given several distance treatments on others, complete the Crystal Healing Course, the Pendulum Course, the Psychic Development Course, participate in a home and office clearing and blessing visit, plus receive additional coaching, attend at least three Reiki Shares with your instructor within 6 months prior to this course, and receive a formal assessment by your instructor. Students eager to fast-track through to get the title of Reiki Master will be denied access to this course. Historically, only students demonstrating respect, a true healing heart, with sufficient understanding and integrity were invited to become Reiki Masters. In this school, these are major considerations. Please avoid all forms of intoxicants (legal or otherwise) and non-prescription meds from one day prior to your course until the end of your course. Course Length: 3-7 days, with variable timing we set together as needed.
    If you're considering taking your Reiki Level Three Training, please look at the full requirements.
  • Reiki Level Four (Master / Teacher Training) opens you up to a great responsibility, the power and ability to teach Reiki and attune others to channel Reiki for themselves under the Siam Reiki Standards - the highest standards in Reiki practice. Pre-requisites: You must complete Siam Reiki Level Three and be practicing with paying clients for a minimum of 1 year before being assessed, and undergo an apprenticeship with your instructor to be eligible for the Reiki Level Four Reiki Master / Teacher Training. Most of the preparation for this course happens progressively; the course culminates in teaching your first Course for Level One students. Reiki Master/Teachers agree to uphold Ethics and the highest Standards of teaching known in Reiki.
  • Crystal Healing is a wonderful complement to Reiki. Learn how to select, store and care for your crystals, clear and charge them to unlock their healing properties. You will feel their auras and healing properties, give full Crystal Healing Treatments, Reiki Treatments and spot healing with crystals. You may opt to have me source and prepare a Crystal Healing Set for you or you may choose to source and prepare your own (list and instructions). You can also watch this short video to gauge the size and formation of the necessary crystals.
    Pre-requisites: Siam Reiki Level Two or demonstrated equivalent. Fluency in Reiki Level Two Symbols. Please avoid all forms intoxicants (legal or otherwise) and non-prescription meds from one day prior to your course until the end of your course. Course Length: 1 day (usually 10am-4pm)
  • ONLINE: Using the Pendulum teaches you proper care and usage of the pendulum as a means to receiving information of the highest integrity. Sharpen communication skills with healing guides and become very specific in locating and diagnosing energy blockages in others. Manual will be sent to you the morning of the course.
    Course Requirements:
    1. Technology: Latest version of Zoom and knowledge of how to use it. Please keep your login handy, I will not be able to help you if you are locked out.
    2. Materials: You will need to source and prepare your own crystal pendulum (the simpler it looks, the better). Click here to learn how to prepare your crystal pendulum for the course (same procedure as crystal course).
    3. Practical: You will need to have one person agree to lie down to receive a short Reiki healing from you for about 45 minutes in the afternoon for practice. 
    4. Pre-requisites: Siam Reiki Level Two or demonstrated equivalent. Fluency in Reiki Level Two Symbols. Please avoid all forms of intoxicants (legal or otherwise) and non-prescription meds from one day prior to your course until the end of your course. 
    Course Length
    : 1 day (usually 10am-3pm)
Each course must be completed in its entirety on the scheduled dates for the abilities to be harnessed and for the competencies to be realised.

What Students are Saying

"My life is changed. I'm different, happy and excited about life again, and I know you wont take credit for this but THANK YOU! Even if I never go further, I finally feel connected. I hated going home alone for a long time, but after the first class, I felt surrounded with good mates or something. My connection to people has started to feel more authentic. Again, thank you."
- Louisa Vaszary (Edmonton)

"Thank you, Salima, for the training and a wonderful experience. You provide a open, loving place for discussion and learning. I look forward to many more opportunities to "grow".
- Lynn Perry 
(Personal Trainer and Corporate Consultant, Toronto)

"I gave a Reiki session yesterday. It was amazing. I felt the presence of a lady with me watching. I described her to the person receiving Reiki -- it turns out I was describing her grandmother! What confirmed it was the detail of what she was wearing. As I saw her I could feel a cool breeze, strange because minutes earlier I was sweating. It turns out the person receiving Reiki has the most incredible night sweats! Every time I give Reiki I feel inspired to do more. I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me and opening me up to Reiki."
- Nicolle K. (Lawyer, Toronto)

Safe, Live, In-Person Courses in Small Groups
Research shows human brains learn better socially, that is, in person, from teachers they feel care about them. While I do offer guided meditations and mindfulness courses by live online training, I only teach Reiki and healing courses live, in-person, in a small group setting with lots of hands-on practice and experience with plenty of individual attention.

Plus: You Get Ongoing Care, Coaching and Community
You will join a group of talented and amazing open hearted healers and get invitations to special workshops, retreats, refreshers and monthly Reiki Shares, where you exchange treatments to get more experience, share insights, ask questions, and get real, live, hands-on coaching from me.

And... as a student, you benefit from special rates for Reiki sessions when you come to see me or book a distance treatment with me. As you become more sensitive to energy, regular practice and receiving treatments will help clear the path to channel even more Reiki. These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a student of Siam Reiki.

Register Now
Simply send an email to salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces) for dates and to ensure there's space in your preferred course. You'll get a reply as soon as possible and if there's a spot for you, you can choose to send a deposit via Interac transfer or scroll below to choose your preferred course, date(s) and click "Register" complete your deposit or payment using PayPal. See above for course lengths and pre-requisites.

Course Fees:
Deposits (all Reiki courses) are $80 + hst = $90.40 and reserve your spot in the course*
Reiki Level I is $333 + hst = $376.29
Reiki Level II is $444 + hst = $501.72
Reiki Level III is $950 + hst = $1,073.50
Reiki Level IV please contact
Private or Semi Private Reiki Level I or II Course is $1,200 + hst = $1,356 (for the course, one or two people registered)
Reiki Level One or Reiki Level Two Refresher is $150 + hst = $169.50 (per day)
Crystal Healing for Level Twos is $234 + hst = $264.42 with Crystal Healing Set, or $178 + hst = $201.14 if you bring your own.
Pendulum Course for Level Twos is $234 + hst = $264.42 including a Pendulum, or $178 + hst = $201.14 if you bring your own.
*You may pay the balance of your course anytime before the first day of your course. 
Each course must be completed entirely on the scheduled dates and times for the core competencies to be learned and to guarantee you will be able to harness the skills taught.

Please avoid all forms of intoxicants (legal or otherwise) and non-prescription medications from the day prior to your course until your course is completed.

You Can Make Your Payment via Interac Transfer or PayPal: 

OPTION 1: For Interac E-Transfer, please visit your Canadian Financial Institution's website or Mobile Banking App and select "Interac Transfer" or "Transfer Funds". Enter the amount (see above) and the recipient: salima @ salimapirani.com (no spaces). No password. Please include applicable taxes (see above). If you need assistance, please contact me. 

OPTION 2: For PayPal, fill in below. Clicking "Register" will take you to the secure PayPal page. Rates below are pre-tax. Applicable taxes and any PayPal Fees will be automatically added at checkout.
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I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the beautiful gift of Reiki so that you can feel and function better!

With love,

Siam Reiki Master Teacher
Executive Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

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