Om Sunday (FREE Monthly Meditation)

Are you a professional, parent or student on the verge of burning out? Do you feel you can't take a day off? Do you spend Sunday nights feeling anxious, preparing or even starting on work and wake up Monday morning not fully rested and dreading the week ahead?

Take a breath.

Welcome to Om Sunday Online Meditation 

What if you could spend Sunday night renewing your mind and body, finding a more dynamic relaxed state, ready for whatever Monday has in store? You can.

Research shows that when you meditate, you:
- decrease negative effects of stress, depression and anxiety
- assist with reduction of physical pain
- increase mental clarity
- foster better and deeper sleep
- become more self-aware
- awaken from habitual patterns and can feel more spontaneous
.... for those who have practised meditation throughout the ages, the evidence of these benefits is clear.

I'll be LIVE with YOU

Om Sunday Online Meditation is a live and free 60-minute meditation broadcast the first Sunday evening of each month that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own space. Each session is unique and can include:
- sharing loving kindness, increasing connection, peace and happiness.
- increasing concentration, and introducing healing vibration throughout the body and mind.
- guided mindfulness lessons, leading to understanding, insight and truth.

Want to listen to shorter guided lessons first? 
Here's "Seven Days of Guided Meditation":

1. Sign up: Om Sunday Online Meditation happens the first Sunday evening of each month, generally from 9-10pm ET. Simply fill in your information below to get your Om Sunday topic announcement each month. I never share e-mail addresses with anyone, so your information is always secure. You can even check the Privacy Policy! Please make sure you look at your Spam and "Promotions" folders and add my email address: salima @ salimapirani . com (without spaces) to your contacts.

2. Look out for your email announcement
I'll send you an email the first Sunday of each month. Click the link in my email to join the online broadcast at 9pm ET.

3. Settle In 
Once the session has started, mute your devices and listen as I guide your meditative practice. 

"I look forward to the Salima's Sunday meditations. It is so convenient to be in my own home - in front of my computer - and be able to be part of a this powerful meditation. I am surprised that I can feel her energy even though we are not together in the same room. I feel great afterwards and it is truly a gift that I can then have a peaceful sleep. Thank you, Salima for making this happen for all of us."   
- Millie Deverett., Toronto & Boca Raton

The goal is to connect with people like you who seek to introduce or develop your meditation practice, regardless of your location, meditation experience and accessibility. The monthly Om Sunday Online Meditations are always live and free. There's no expectation to join every month. Join whenever you can.

I'm committed to sharing my meditation practice with you each month. If you want a more regular practice, please consider learning the correct principles of mindfulness practice with the True Mindfulness Course. Also, feel free to forward this invitation to someone you know who could use some peace and insight in their lives.

Sending lots of love and light!

PS - If you find the meditation sessions beneficial or valuable, please forward this to a friend! 

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