your win-culture

win-culture: this darling finished 1st in 20 of 21 races
i had one of those days. the kind when you feel like closing the blinds and hiding. too much fear abound. i get calls from people asking me to give them yes/no answers about their future. 60 questions fired at me in 20 minutes. and i feel queasy after. don't get me wrong, i don't dislike people. in fact i love them very much. but, this is the way we are living our lives? so here's a hint: if you want to ask me questions about your future, please don't. instead, read this. 

many years ago i remember being forced to go to a horse race track. 

it was my sister's birthday and that was her wish: to have a decadent afternoon brunch spent betting on horses. now, i absolutely *hate* gambling, lotteries, casinos, horse betting, wagers... the energy around these things still gives me the heebie-jeebies. but some how, i managed to find myself at the monolith toronto woodbine racetrack. i even found myself having a monolith brunch and i even placed bets. 

a funny thing happened. i won a whole lot that day. every single horse i bet on finished within the top three. how did i do it? the formula was equal parts intuition and study. and no fear. 

since i was stuck at the race track and since they went through the trouble of publishing statistics on each horse, i studied them. all the horses i chose had this in common: none achieved anything less than wins within in the last 6 months of their racing careers, and all their trends were upward. why were these details important? because these young horses were developing a personal culture of winning. my study told me that winning was in their mindset. my intuition said it was in their blood.   

simply put, if you want to be the best, then develop your win-culture, your personal culture of being nothing but the best. sure there will be adrenaline. but it's gotta be the healthy kind. the excited, passionate kind. not the looking-over-your-shoulder-for-what's-going-to-beat-you kind. that's plain fear. too much of that and you will wind up looking everywhere but at your prize.

so if you are looking for answers, this is it. you don't need a fortune teller or a horseshoe up your ass. develop your personal win-culture. and if you really, really want something and you dedicate yourself fully to it with passion... i bet anything that you will have it.