"how did you do that?"

sending healing through the atmosphere?

i know, it sounds like fiction.

the truth is that science will probably catch up in 300 years. until then, sorry. we can't bottle and sell it on shelves under a generic or commercial name. but it's real.

if you asked me about this ten years ago i'd have laughed in your face. but i do it all the time now and it's become pretty natural - to me at least. to others, they still wonder. and still ask...

so how does it work, exactly?

the psychic healing? healing transmission? mechanism of action? automatic writing? the truth is that we don't know entirely. we know, maybe, but we can't explain it in scientific terms. metaphysics doesn't yet know. quantum physics doesn't yet know. look at masaru emoto and the hidden messages in water. we know there is intelligence in intention. and if we're smart we don't take it lightly or misuse it. in fact, reiki can only be used for the highest of good and healing. it's something i teach my level two students, and only after they have learned and begun to practice the basics of self-healing and primary healing for others.

the appointment

most distance healing is for people who are far away. asia, north america, south america, africa, europe. but sometimes it's a convenient option for busy people who live pretty close by, who really need a healing but can't get to an in-person appointment because of work or family.

just like an in-person session, we book an hour-long appointment. but it's not over the phone. at our appointment start time, the recipient sits or lies down in a quiet place without distractions. that means turn off music, turn off the computer, the ringer, buzzer, beeper, close the door. and i do the same.

although this is not a requirement, it's important for two reasons:

first - if someone is committing to their healing then spending the time and effort towards it means they are energetically "showing up", and being an equal partner in their healing. i can't stress enough the importance of this.
second - and this is mainly to show them how sensitive they are - they are far are more likely to feel the effects of the treatment if they're still and not engaged in other activities.

science fiction can be prediction
the secrets of the hour

so here's how it goes. i myself come to stillness. for distance reiki to work i only need to know the name of the person and their geographic location. like i said, it sounds like fiction but it's real. science can't explain it yet, but if it works (and it does), why wait for science to catch up?

using a surrogate or a model (i use a pillow or a doll), initiate the treatment. first is a chakra assessment - a scan through the recipient's major energy centres to locate areas of trapped negative energy. then the treatment. exactly like an in-person treatment, only using the surrogate as a stand-in for the recipient.

i go into a meditative state as i do the treatment. one hand is on the 'body'; the other hand is typing. there's no force. information comes through and the report writes itself, automatically - what's being felt, what it means, where and it comes from, who it relates to and when it began.... basically whatever the recipient needs to know to heal from whatever wounds brought them to me. while the information is being recorded, reiki is being sent. it's like a closed circuit - the information comes through one hand, is recorded through the other hand and then....

i hit 'send'

after the treatment, i email what i've typed as a confidential report to the recipient.

and then crickets. it's usually quiet for a couple of days after this. i mostly forget about it. and then i get an email or a call that goes something like this: "that treatment was amazing. i could feel my hands / feet / head tingling! i saw colours. i felt a presence. i felt really light. and what you wrote to me - it was so... accuratehow did you know? how did you do that?"

...well, now you know.

Salima Pirani is a Siam Reiki Master Teacher and offers distance Reiki to help people 
release trapped pain and suffering, whether it's physical, emotional or spiritual in origin. 
If you wish to discuss how to bring healing into your life, you can contact Salima here.