Learn Mindfulness and Meditation

What if You Could
Make Mindfulness a Habit 
That's Hard to Break?

You can.
Intro to Mindfulness Course
4 Tuesdays, Starting 10 

Do you find yourself stretched, stressed and anxious? Would you like to meditate, but can't find the time, can't "stop" the thoughts or sit "still"? Would you like to move through life more peacefully and with more awareness?

This invitation is for you. 

Whether you are new to meditation, mindfulness or spiritual practice or would like to take your current practice further, this course will meet you where you are at and help you develop your practice in a way that's right for you.

Mindfulness is a big buzz-word these days so it's surprising how it is misunderstood and often practised incorrectly. It is not about holding still, focusing on breathing or pushing away thoughts, trying to be serene or looking like you are. It's much simpler than that! Once you bring mindfulness into your everyday life you'll find greater awareness that leads to more presence and peace, regardless of the situation or circumstance

Probably the best part is that this practice is embedded into everyday life and is geared for active minds and lifestyles. Or maybe the best part is that the January 2023 course is Pay-What-You-Choose!

In the Intro to Mindfulness Course, you'll:

  • Develop a simple mindfulness and meditation practice - on and off the "cushion"
  • Learn when it's appropriate to practice meditation vs. mindfulness 
  • Learn how to make mindfulness part of your daily routine and your daily life
  • Live with greater day to day self-awareness, peace and understanding
  • Lay the foundation and habits to create lasting peace and freedom from stress and anxiety
  • Learn the keys to correct mindfulness that most teachers don't talk about 
  • Automatically start letting go of unhealthy coping and lifestyle habits (I left behind coffee, alcohol, smoking, meat and shopping -- and feel lighter and freer than ever!)
  • View stress and pain from a place of greater understanding, patience and calm
  • Be more present, engaged, productive and happily authentic in your everyday life, no matter what the situation or circumstance.

This program gives you:

  • Four Weekly sessions designed to take you, the beginner or seasoned meditator. through a life-changing journey
  • Mindful reminders with tips and inspiration between sessions
  • Audio talks or readings to support your learning and practice to listen to
  • Personal attention, guidance and coaching, based on your real and practical experience.
This course includes individual guidance and coaching. During this course, I'll teach in the group and work individually with you to clearly identify your practice challenges and support you, to develop and improve your practice -- and your life.

What people are saying

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you. Your teachings changed my life. The ease with which my life flows, in easy times and difficult, is truly remarkable. You are an amazing teacher with a very special gift. Thank you for sharing it.
With love and gratitude,
 - Falon W., Toronto

Heartfelt gratitude for this teaching and guidance. You created a safe space for us to learn and build a practice, which I am already seeing serve me well. Looking forward to building on this practice. It is my saving grace on the most difficult days and a welcomed breath of fresh air on good days.
- Aarti B., Toronto

Thanks so much for everything, Salima. I really enjoyed the course, and sharing your beautiful presence and energy. I continue to practice every day. I feel brighter, and my mind less chaotic. I’ve let go of the need to be constantly looking things up on my phone. It’s quite liberating. Thank you so much! I’m excited to continue.
- Anna S., Toronto

I am so grateful to hear that you are offering the recorded course after this month's mindfulness course. Attending class throughout January was the highlight of my week (and helped me through the lockdown). Thank you,
- Terry G., Toronto

Intro to Mindfulness

4-Week Evening Course Starts 10 January 
Format: Zoom (link sent on registration, prior to the course)
Timing: 7:30pm - 9pm ET, on Tuesdays: 10, 17, 24 & 31 January
Course Fees: Choose What You Pay! Three Options:
$40+HST    OR    $80+HST   OR   $120+HST 
- Keep a Moral Code: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, no intoxication.
- Download and read Chapter 1 of A Meditator's Guide
- Commit to investing 15 minutes of practice every day for the course duration
- Do not take any other mindfulness or meditation course simultaneously, with one exception* 
- If you already study with a mindfulness teacher in the same lineage as mine, please contact me before registering.
Missed Lessons: Being present is important, however, if you must miss a lesson, an audio recording will be emailed to you upon request.

*BONUS #1: Community

Ever started something and then just... lost steam? What if you had a supportive community that helped to encourage you? Join the Intro to Mindfulness course and receive your first bonus: a special invitation to join an open group meditation "sangha" each weekday morning. Join any days you like, and support building your own regular practice. The group meets at 9am ET online Monday - Friday for 25 minutes. Feel free to join for just 15, at the start or the end too, any days you wish. 

BONUS #2: Accountability

If you like having someone check in on you each day, then drop me a line and I'll set you up with an accountability partner! This is a mutually beneficial partnership with a mindfulness buddy, with whom you can connect with each day to ensure your mindfulness practice is done. Many people use an accountability partner in fitness, or in business... so why not with mindfulness? I'll match you with someone who feels like a good fit.

Are You Ready? Register Now
    Due to the amount of individual coaching, space in these courses is limited. Please reserve your spot now. Once you've registered, I'll follow up to confirm I've received your payment and send instructions. Closer to the course date, I'll email you the Zoom link for the course. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If you've studied mindfulness with my teacher, Jess Koffman, you can join this course with the understanding that you will continue studying with him when he resumes courses. 

    PAYMENT OPTION 1: Interac E-Transfer (please add HST)

    a) Please send me an email: salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces) to let me know you're joining the course and your chosen course fee option. Please keep in mind it will require you to add the applicable taxes (see below).

    b) Go to your banking website or app, choose the "Interac Transfer" or "Transfer Funds" option. Enter the amount inclusive of taxes*. If you're out of province, please include provincial taxes. The recipient is "Salima Pirani" and the e-mail address is salima @ salimapirani.com (no spaces). If you need assistance, please contact me. 
    *For Example: Ontario Residents    $40+hst=$45.20,   $80+hst=$90.40,    $120+hst=$135.60
    PAYMENT OPTION 2: PayPal (applicable taxes will be added at checkout): 

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    Prior Meditation Experience?

    Private Meditation & Mindfulness Lessons

    If you would like to learn to meditate or practice mindfulness correctly but would rather learn in a private setting, we can set up a lesson or a series of lessons that are tailored to you. With this coaching you will have private, one-on-one time with me either at my location or by phone or Zoom.

    Whether you already have a regular meditation or mindfulness practice or you want to establish a simple, easy practice that becomes a regular part of your life, you will receive the coaching, guidance and help that is appropriate and right for you.

    To set up a private meditation or mindfulness lesson or a series of lessons, please register here with your best availability. Once I receive your registration I will send you the best options matching your timing preferences. 

    Clicking "Register" will take you to the secure PayPal page.
    Applicable taxes will automatically be included at checkout.

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    Company, Corporate and Organization-Wide Meditation & Mindfulness Talks and Sessions

    Private group talks and lessons are available for groups.

    To set up a private meditation or mindfulness lesson or a series of lessons for your group, please contact me. Please include in your message your preferred dates, number of sessions, group size and location. 

    I am happy to bring mindfulness and meditation into schools, workplaces and into the community. If you wish to have me come and speak with your group, please contact me. Please include in your message any information about your group, your preferred dates, format, time requirement, group size and location.


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