Reiki Students

If you're a current Siam Reiki student of mine, you enjoy several benefits, some of which include special rates for private appointments with me as well as access to continuing education and access to a beautiful community of talented healers and friends.  

Benefits for Current Siam Reiki Students:

  • Ongoing opportunities for learning and practice
  • Email access to your instructor for questions and help
  • Reiki treatments by your instructor at a special rate
  • Invitations to receive free student Reiki treatments in courses
  • Invitations to monthly Reiki Shares with other students (online group healing during COVID-19)
  • Invitations to free gatherings and events including mindful gatherings
  • Opportunities to be matched with nearby Reiki Buddies to swap treatments with
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions, request treatments and share experiences
  • Access to a community of top-notch, open hearted healers and amazing friends.
Many students are amazed how friendships in this community blossom like magic. It's an incredible group of individuals and when they work together they are even more powerful, loving and the results of such kindness and trust creates miraculous and serendipitous results.

Monthly Reiki Shares for Current Students

These gatherings are great opportunities for Current Siam Reiki Students who have learned with me, to gain experience in a comfortable and safe setting with others. We begin with a short meditation and energy building, partner up and swap Reiki treatments and have a short discussion or sharing period afterward. I offer a blessing to the group as well as provide real time coaching and assistance during the Reiki treatments. Students come away with practical experience, deeper understanding, clearer sensing, greater confidence and a stronger sense of community.

Have You Studied Reiki Elsewhere?

My primary focus as an instructor is helping my current students. These Special Rates and Reiki Shares are for current students only. If you're a current student of another Reiki instructor, please ask them about Reiki Shares or practice events. If they don't currently offer these, please encourage them to do so. You may want to read and share this article with them. I encourage all instructors to have the highest standards of Reiki practice and instruction, including a process of successive attunements for each student at each level of study, as well as practice benchmarks between levels and opportunities for continued learning and practice.

If you've learned Reiki elsewhere and would like to come learn with me, please contact me for an assessment first. I'll ask you several questions, including why you're considering learning from a new instructor and what your training and practice experiences have been.

Siam Reiki Students Book Here

Siam Reiki Student rates apply to current students who have studied Siam Reiki with me.

These rates are for treatments either at my location or by distance (phone/Zoom or remote healing with a report emailed afterward) and are intended for my students only (not transferable). As my current student, you enjoy the best possible rates, including those for Reiki packages for the public.

Option 1: Book via Interac E-Transfer*:

Siam Reiki Student Distance Reiki 60 Minutes (Reg $133): $99+hst=$111.87
Siam Reiki Student Distance Reiki 90 Minutes (Reg $199): $144+hst=$162.72
Siam Reiki Student 40 Min Reading & 60 Min Distance Reiki (Reg $222): $214+hst=$241.82 
All in-Person Reiki Sessions are Paused

Then please send your ideal timing by email or contact me here. 
*These rates are for Ontario Residents. If you're booking a distance healing and live in Canada but outside Ontario, please include your Canadian Provincial sales tax.

Option 2: Book via PayPal:
Please choose your session and click "Register" to be taken to the secure payment page on PayPal. I'll contact you with the soonest timing that matches your stated availability for April.

Rates below are pre-tax. Applicable taxes and PayPal Fees are added at checkout.
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Reiki Shares, Continuing Education Courses & Workshops

Check this space for upcoming Continuing Education courses, workshops and events. If you would like to propose a course or workshop on a particular area of practice, please email me.

Energetic Clearing & Protection 
Learn to sense lower and higher energies, effective ways to clear and protect yourself and your space. Experience various healing / clearing approaches and how to approach simple and complex situations. 
3 Videos: total viewing time approx. 2.5 hours + practice. ($25 CAD+HST)

14 Day Metta At-Home
14 Days of unique and powerful metta practices: guided, affirming mantras, intentions, visualizations, heart-opening music, inspirational readings, 11 benefits, the Metta Sutta, playlist of heart-opening music. Practice to welcome and radiate boundless light for all. ($77 CAD+HST)
Late Spring Reiki Share: 6 June 2024
An evening gathering for my Reiki students to practice giving Reiki, with assistance and guidance from your instructor. You'll also receive a Reiki treatment from other students during this very healing and supportive evening. Limited space. These fill up quickly, so pre-registration is required.
Date: Thursday 6 June, 7pm - 9:30pm (arrive between 6:45pm-7pm) 
Where: Salima's Place, close to UTSC (Address sent upon registration)
Pre-requisites: Must be a current student of Siam Reiki, not studying with another teacher. Must be willing to bring a face mask, and wear it if your practice partner requests it.
If the Reiki Share is full and you wish to join the waitlist or check how many spaces are available, email me

Part I: Communicating in Reiki Workshop: please contact for dates

This valuable, fun and interactive workshop on effective and healing communication will assist you during your Reiki treatments - even over distance Reiki. We address the most common questions, cover verbal and non-verbal communication, what to say, when to say it and how, PLUS: what you might *not* want to say (and why), how to listen, and much more. 

Real-life scenarios are discussed and demonstrated and everyone engages, interacts and has a chance to role-play in a safe and encouraging environment. A fun, enriching and informative workshop. Many have mentioned how it's enhanced their confidence and their practice, how it's helped their communication *outside Reiki*, and how they wish they had learned it sooner!

Dates: please contact
Location: Zoom (registrants will receive the link prior to the workshop). Please have your camera on.
Fee: $150+hst=$169.50
Pre-requisite: Siam Reiki Level One, stable internet connection and a quiet room. A manual will be sent to you prior to the workshop date for printing OR to follow along on-screen using a 2nd device. Please have a way to take notes during the workshop. 
To Register: Please send an Interac transfer to salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces)
Include "Communicating in Reiki Workshop" in the note.
If you're taking Part Two of this workshop, please see below.

Part II: Emotional Healing Workshop

This experiential and healing learning experience builds on the Communicating in Reiki Workshop and is geared to practitioners at Reiki Levels II and above. Many practitioners have difficulty in guiding a recipient of healing through a trauma or deep emotional pain, without feeling that they absorb some of it, or getting stuck and not knowing how to proceed. 

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to ask for specific help with emotional healings, receive a live guided healing by the instructor and feel how the healing is received within themselves before role playing and partner practice with assistance and guidance. This is a very beneficial day and participants will come away with much more than a healing -- they will have higher-level tools at their disposal to aid them in their healing work.  

Dates: please contact
Location: Salima's Place, Address given upon registration.
Fee (Includes Communicating in Reiki Workshop -- see above): $260+hst=$293.80
Fee (Attended Communicating in Reiki Workshop prior): $150+hst=169.50
Pre-requisite: Siam Reiki Level Two, Communicating in Reiki Workshop. Please bring paper and pen, and your lunch. 
To Register: Please send an Interac transfer to salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces)
Include "Emotional Healing Workshop" in the note.

Reiki Distance Healing Workshop:
Please contact for Next Dates 

Distance healing has never been more important than now. It may seem daunting though, if you've taken Level Two and have forgotten how to practice distance Reiki or are nervous and thinking any of the following:
"What if I don't feel anything?", "What if they don't feel anything?", "What if on the phone I don't know what to say and there's awkward silence?", "What if I forget to tell them something that came up?", "What if I make messy notes during the session and have to transcribe it all into an email?", or maybe worst of all, "What if I get it wrong?"

This will be an in-depth and advanced training in distance healing, covering everything from how to handle awkward silences, set up the session so it's as comfortable and intimate as if the person was physically with you, the pros and cons of phone vs remote sessions, how to create an audio recording or written report, how to send these reports, how to facilitate relaxation, how to facilitate an emotional release and healing via distance, what to do if you don't sense things very strongly, sharing best practices and how to ensure you and the recipient are making the most and getting the most from the session. You'll have practice time in the workshop and you'll receive a mini workbook and resource guide to use during the workshop and beyond. Here are details:

Date: TBA, 9am - 4pm ET
Materials: Your Reiki Doll/Animal or other Surrogate, Photo of a Distance Reiki Recipient, course workbook (to be emailed to you), pen (notebook if you aren't printing out the workbook)
Location: Zoom (link will be sent to you upon registration)
Fee: $150+hst = $169.50 by interac transfer
To Register: Please email salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces) to inquire about upcoming dates for this workshop.

Not Yet a Student? Want to Learn Reiki?

If you wish to learn Reiki for your self care and to help others, please check for the next 2-Day Reiki Level One Course in Toronto. I also accept students who have studied elsewhere and would like to practise deepen their Reiki learning and practice. Please contact me for an assessment.

Updates, protocols and guidance for how to safely use Reiki during the pandemic. Other than your immediate household members who are not ill, infected, being tested or in quarantine, 

Resources & Self-Healings:
COVID-19 Screening Note (updated 11/3/2020)
Update for Reiki Student Practitioners (released 12/3/2020)
How to Practice Reiki in a Pandemic: COVID-19 (released 20/3/2020)
60-Min Reiki Self-Healing Circle Audio (released 26/3/2020)
60-Min Reiki Self-Healing Circle Audio (released 15/4/2020 - sorry for low voice!)
60-Min Reiki Self-Healing Circle Audio for All (released 18-5-2020)
60-Min Reiki Self Healing Circle Audio for All (released 27-5-2020)
60-Min Summer "Soul"stice Healing Circle Audio for All (released 22-6-2020)
75-Min Self Healing and Guided Healing Audio for All (released 22/9/2020)
90 Minute Training:
Safe Reiki Practice Guidelines for 2020 & Beyond (29/9/2020 - Please email for access)

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