Akashic Soul Path Readings

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Do you wonder what your purpose here is? 
Why some things are challenging, while some things are easy for you? 
Do you struggle with making decisions or letting go of patterns? 
Do you wish you could confirm a gut instinct or see the bigger picture and guide yourself towards your best possible outcome?

These readings are private meeting calls with me to access your major or repeated past soul experiences and to know how they're affecting your current life.

Why is this important?

Did you ever make a decision - even a simple one - that changed the course of your life? Have you ignored something that you knew was important to pay attention to? When you know what's working in your favour and what you must overcome, you can make decisions more confidently, better navigate challenges and harness your strengths to reach your highest good and your highest possible potential.

What does it involve?

A Reading is private phone or Zoom (audio only) call. We book your time in advance and when I call you at our agreed-upon time, you're in a quiet location free of distractions, responsibilities and tasks. Please, for your safety, do not drive during your reading!

During our time together, I'll assess your energy field and get impressions of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health based on the effect of major experiences and patterns over your past lifetimes. I'll offer you insights into what you want and need to explore and learn in this lifetime: important experiences, lessons, karmic bonds, perspectives and answers. Please have any questions or priority areas ready. All appointments end on time, regardless of start time. 

I'll also be a conduit to help convey to you important and critical messages from pure, higher realms, from your inner guidance, life and healing guides who are looking out for your highest good.

All sessions are completely private and confidential, even if they were gifted to you from someone else. After our session, I'll e-mail you a time-sensitive link to download the recording of your Reading. This link expires after seven days. Please download it to a computer before expiry if you wish to keep or review it later. Your recording will be saved to your default downloads folder on your computer. While streaming may be possible on your phone within a week, once the link expires you'll no longer be able to stream it. Even if save the recording to your smartphone, you may not be able to locate the file later, so it's best to save it to a computer. If you forget to download it or if you misplace your recording, you can always purchase a copy of your Recording below. Please indicate your Reading date in the "phone/zoom" field.

While you can book follow-up readings, please listen to your recording and allow sufficient time for the messages to be understood. These are not a replacement for therapy or counselling, personal coaching or healings. If you require professional help for an emotional issue, please pursue it. If you'd like a healing or would like to work more closely with me to receive healing for a particular issue, goal or area of your life, please book a Reiki healing, a package of Reiki healings, or consider taking the Reiki Level One or the Developing Psychic Awareness Courses. These courses offer you the ability to boost your own intuitive and psychic capacities and to work with intelligence of a pure and higher order. They also welcome you to a beautiful community and greater support from your teacher. 

What People are Saying

"Salima, I just listened to the recording of the Akashic Soul Path Reading you did for me a few years ago. I wanted to let you know how powerful it was for me at the time and even today as I listened to it again. Your ability to accurately channel the Akashic is very impressive and your healing energy is amazing. Thank you for all you do for the world."
      -  Jeffrey Eisen, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Author, Reiki Master, Nature Photographer

"During my Akashic Soul Path Reading with Salima, a profound feeling of expansion and peace came over me. Salima shared the messages she received so authentically and eloquently that every word resonated with me. I felt so loved, supported and empowered after my session with her. This truly was a beautiful experience of connecting with Higher Realms. I would definitely recommend her service to anyone who wishes to receive answers to their innermost questions. Thank you Salima for sharing your gift so graciously."
     - Neelam Hirji, YRDSB educator, author of Precious Poems by The Divine

"There are times when your mind tries to talk you out of what your heart knows. The reading with Salima gets right in there. It speaks to your heart and allows your mind to accept that your hopes and dreams are real. It brings the body, mind and soul into a state of calm and joy to hear that it is understood. When Salima spoke about a path I am guided to take in regard to my work; she didn’t know what I do, and when she spoke to me of working with my hands in art and healing, I got an entire body rush of tingles and goosebumps and heard Salima say "whoa!", and that she just experienced the same rush. The reading helped me feel more confident on the path I am on, to trust and to move forward. It feels really good!"  
     - Candice Craig, Toronto

"This was a beautiful experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who may be looking for some divine guidance. It allowed for introspection and having the recording to listen to repeatedly was helpful." 
     - Rashma Beharry, Toronto

Readings with Distance Reiki 

Immediately following your Reading, you may want a Reiki session to receive a healing around any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues that come up during your Reading (or that you'd like to have a healing for). Please register below for a 1 hour 40 Minute Appointment (40 Minute Reading & 60 Minute Distance Reiki Healing). The 40 Minute Akashic Soul Path Reading gives you insights (see above) and the 60 Minute Reiki Treatment helps balance your energy field, provides healing for issues that may have come up during your reading, helping you face, shed and release what's painful or no longer useful and assists you in moving forward clearer and stronger. Ensure you can lie down comfortably for your Reiki session. All appointments are by phone or as a Zoom audio-only call and a recording of each session will be sent to you following your appointment. This option must be used on the same day; it's not split into two dates or for two people.

Share the Love! 

Many of you are generously sharing these powerful readings with loved ones. If you feel someone in your life will benefit from a reading, please get their permission first! I don't convince anyone to do things they don't want to do or aren't ready for, in fact I'd prefer you send them a link to this page before gifting them a reading. If they wouldn't want one for themself, then the nicest thing you can do is listen to them! If, however, you've got their permission and you're ready to give their gift, include the recipient's name and contact email in the "name" and "phone" section in the booking area below. To ensure their consent, I'll email them directly to set up their appointment and copy you in so you know I've made contact with them. They must be able to provide a valid Canadian telephone number or be able to use Zoom (audio only). I don't use facetime, video calls, whatsapp or other applications for readings, and no amount of convincing will change that! 


Register with your timing preference, correct phone number (within Canada) or preference for Zoom (worldwide) and secure payment. Please ensure the email address you use for PayPal is current, as I'll use it to contact you and set up your appointment.  I'll email you within 48 hours to set up our appointment according to your availability. Please check your inbox and your spam / junk folder. Once your appointment's booked, please put it in your calendar right away as I don't send reminders, and I don't reschedule no-shows. I usually offer timing within two weeks of the current date. If we use phone for your session, please ensure that your phone settings allow Unknown /Private Caller IDs. All readings are audio only, no video. 


*Appointments Available by Request* 

Please Contact Prior to Booking

Office Closed 1, 3-8, 12-21 July

Option 1: Book by Interac Transfer (Canadian)

1. Go to Interac Transfers from your online banking site or app
2. To: "Salima Pirani", email address salima @ salimapirani . com (no spaces). 
3. Enter the applicable fee from the list below. PLEASE ADD APPLICABLE TAXES. Payments sent without applicable taxes will be required to be re-sent with taxes included. 
4. In the notes section, include your:
  a) timing preference 
  b) your email address and Canadian phone number (or preference for Zoom)  
  c) if this is a gift, the name and email address of the person for whom the reading is intended
I'll reply within 48 hours with the soonest timing options suited to your timing preference.   

Rates with Taxes for Ontario Residents:
Mother's Day Special: Two 40-Minute Readings for within Ontario $172.50+hst=$194.92
40-Minute Reading for within Ontario $115+hst=$129.95
60-Minute Reading for within Ontario $150+hst=$169.50
Bundle & Save: 40Min Reading & 60Min Distance Reiki $222+hst=$250.86 (save $29)*
*must be used as one single appointment for one person

If you reside in another Canadian province, please add your provincial HST or tax rate instead of the Ontario HST in the example above. If you need assistance, please contact me before sending a transfer. 

You acknowledge that in order to receive your recording, you will be subscribed to receiving emails from Salima Pirani Reiki & Meditation. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Option 2: Book by PayPal (International)

Choose from the drop-down menus below. Clicking "Register" will take you to the secure PayPal page. If you have trouble with this link, please email me).  Fees below are pre-tax. Applicable taxes and any PayPal Fees are automatically added at checkout.   
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How to Save Your Recording

I'll email you a link via Hightail to the recorded audio (MP3) of your reading a few minutes after we're off the phone. Please check your email, junk and spam folders from a computer (not a phone). When you open my message, you'll see a link that says, "VIEW FILES". This link will be active for only seven (7) days -- it will expire after that! Click it and it will automatically download the recording (MP3 file) to your computer's default downloads folder. When you open that folder and double click the file, it will play in your computer's default music player. While the file might stream (play) on a phone for up to seven days, it can't be saved to your phone. Even if it does, it will be hard to locate. Please save the file to a computer. For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, please see: How to download your recording. A fee is required to request a file retrieval beyond the download period. 

How to Develop Your Own Psychic and Healing Abilities

After Readings, I often get asked if I always had these abilities. I didn't. Not really. I had random experiences that I didn't control: a flash or premonition, sensing that I wasn't alone... but like most of us, I never really understood these things, or took them seriously.

Most importantly, I didn't understand them and I couldn't harness them or make them happen at will. I didn't even that know I could!

Sometimes I was afraid of these random occurrences. I'd feel things that frightened me and wanted them to go away. I had no idea that these abilities could be nurtured, practiced, turned on and off when I wanted, and used for the very highest of good, to help myself and to help others.

All of this changed when I learned to practice Reiki for my own self healing and to help others. 

I soon started to receive impressions about myself and about people whom were kind enough to allow me to practise Reiki with them. Not long after this, I was able to sense and convey meaningful messages that they were meant to hear and that positively affected their well-being. To enhance these skills, I took a Developing Psychic Awareness Course. I experienced so many amazing things!

Now, not only do I conduct psychic health assessments (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual), practice astral and time travel, use remote viewing, communicate with higher realms, provide healing for beings in lower realms, and communicate with guides and with deceased loved ones part of my everyday healing work, I teach them to people like you.

If you'd like to start harnessing these skills for yourself, or make them more trustworthy and reliable for your own highest good and for the good of others, consider taking the 2-Day Reiki Level One Course in Toronto or the Online Developing Psychic Awareness Course. Both are live, small group experiences and are excellent ways to tap into gifts that are your natural human birthright and to develop real, on-demand skills and talents in psychic sensing and healing. Click below to learn more.

I Want to Develop Psychic Skills!
I Want to Heal Myself and Others

“You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

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