Essential Reiki Kit

One of the reasons I absolutely love Reiki is that doesn't require any props or equipment. No pills, no liquids, lights, gadgets, implements, chemicals... and really no technique... just your hands.

This is also why self healing with Reiki is so easy to do while on the go. Even if you just need a spot healing you can always put your hands on the affected area for a short time and feel the discomfort begin to melt.

...But what about giving someone else Reiki? 

As someone who often travels to see clients, I really feel that it's not necessary to take much. I do have a small Essential Reiki Kit that lives in my purse though, for client visits. And I'm going to spill it. Here's what's inside:

1. Alcohol 

No... not rum, whiskey or gin! You always want to make sure your hands are clean when you are giving a Reiki treatment. I carry a small spray sanitizer bottle in my purse, filled with 99% alcohol. It's better than regular hand sanitizers because it's cleaner, free of soapy and perfumey fragrances and it dries better. If you didn't know, the drier the hands, the more sensitive they are, so put off moisturising until after the session is done.

2. Music

If the person receiving the treatment agrees to music, it can perform three functions. First, soothing music helps to relax the person during the session, which can be difficult when they're still in their own environment. Second, it muffles background sounds and distracting reminders of busy every day life. And third, since you don't want to be glancing at a clock, it helps keep time.

I keep it simple and use my phone. iPods or mp3 players are great too. Newer ones don't need speakers and can amplify in a small room just fine. I play one track. It's 25 minutes of relaxing healing music set on repeat. Each time the track ends I know how much time I have left or whether to begin wrapping up, which for a 60 minute session is a few minutes into the third play.

3. Crystals

This is entirely optional. If you bring crystals, make sure they are spotlessly clean and energized and you know how to use them. I keep them in a small container that has padding on the bottom and is pretty tight when they are all stacked inside. This prevents crushing and chipping. Although I used crystals all the time in the past, I now feel I only need them when they are called for, for example if I need a terminator wand to concentrate a laser beam of healing directed at a tumour. Or when someone requests them.

.... And that's it.

My whole Essential Reiki Kit fits in the palm of my hand.

I ask new clients if they need me to bring a Reiki / massage table (which I'd bring with clean, fresh sheets) but most people are comfortable across the foot of their beds or on a sofa and their favourite pillows and throws for any extra support or comfort.

If you have an Essential Reiki Kit, what's inside?