Thank you for visiting! I am just back from a month-long sabbatical in Shangrila, visiting the snow-capped Tibetan Himalayas and the forests of Thailand, where I spent time studying with the world's best masters and teachers and practicing mindfulness. I'm back recharged and excited to share mindfulness, healing and psychic gifts with you!

Want to learn Reiki? Mindfulness? Want to Develop your own Psychic Awareness?  Check out these upcoming courses:

Crystal Healing for Level IIs: 8 Apr
True Mindfulness: 12 Apr - 10 May
Reiki Level One: 14 & 15 Apr (FULL)
Developing Psychic Awareness: 18-23 Apr (FULL)
Crystal Healing for Level IIs: 29 Apr
Reiki Level One: 6 & 12 May
Reiki Level Two: 5 & 12 May
Developing Psychic Awareness: 23-28 May